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     He kissed Amza's hands, but he withdrew them from his grasp and patted the old man's back instead:
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my contest + features

Sun Jun 3, 2018, 1:15 PM by HelevornArt:iconhelevornart:
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This is my last day of Core Membership, so I thought I'd make it count.

 First of all, I'd like to remind you of my CONTEST:

MY very first Contest!Greetings, y'all!
I've decided to host my first contest ever!!! :excited: I'm really excited and a bit nervous about this, but I've been planning to do it for a long time, so here it goes.

The task is:

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: DRAW MY OC WITH YOURS! :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Do you have a character that would like to travel with Yngvar, paint with Aidan, fight with Hakon, drink with Helgi, party with Rannveig, wrestle with Lars, recite poetry with Merwyn, or simply explore the world in my stories and choose one of them as guide? Or would they be arch-enemies and fight to the death? Or, perhaps, you'd like to take one of my characters to the world of your OCs?  Pick a scenario- one of the above or anything else you come up with - and depict it!<

All you have to do is draw one (or more) of my characters with yours! Please check out the link to the Contest Journal for details. DEADLINE: July the 15th 2018.

ALSO, in this journal linked below you can find detailed descriptions of each of my characters with a list of their physical traits, personality and hobbies, in case you are unsure which of them would fit with your character (I'm more than happy to come up with ideas to help!):

my charactersI've put together a list of my characters with more detailed descriptions, in case you'd like to draw them (for my contest) and would like to know more about their appearance or hobbies:
Age: 18. Hair: medium-brown, wavy; wearing a tonsure during his monastery days and letting it grow afterwards just under the shoulders. Eyes: golden-brown, almond shaped, heavy-lidded. Face: oval, pointy chin, rather large nose, downturned lips. Facial hair: stubble, more visible around the corners of the mouth and on the chin. Height: 1.75 m (above average at that time and place). Body type: slender and broad-shouldered.
Bullet; Green Personality: introverted, educated, perceptive, empathetic, analytical, artistic, over-thinking, pessimistic, slightly arrogant
Bullet; Orange Favourite activities: reading, pa

 Round 8th of OC-Training is over, so here is a quick overview of my progress with Yngvar:
Yngvar: Guess Who by HelevornArt  Yngvar: In Private by HelevornArt Bound by HelevornArt Yngvar: The Anatomy Lesson by HelevornArt Yngvar: Fear by HelevornArt Yngvar: Anger by HelevornArt

 Here are some great depictions of Yngvar made by awesome deviants during the OC-Training:
Yngvar's Wish (OC-Training Round 8) by NakainRimmel Yngvar doodle by MegaMaeve Prom - Scary Dudes Everywhere by MegaMaeve Prom: Or Just a Party? by Kainatarma Yngvar cosplay by Akaszik Prom Time Wefie by charcoalfeather Prom [OC-Training, Round 8] by Zakuro-Kona Force serum by DihyaJam96
Thank you, y'all!!! :blackrose

  Now I'd like to share with you some fantastic and inspiring artworks I've discovered recently:
Elihal of the Plains (Colored) by MegaMaeve Wild Card by akitku Riat by nighthair801 Skadi by Sceith-A Patroclus's shadow and Achilles  (another) by Ephaistien Gift Art - The Wolf's Bride by Sleyf A girl named Spectrum by AllisonStanley Bohun by Theophilia Shaman by KseniaSh Betrayal by FrankHeilerArt COMMISSION | ADELAIDE by alexzappa Hometown by Kainatarma The lady and the knight  by DihyaJam96 IV: The Emperor by charcoalfeather slow decay by meningslost Les Fleurs du Mal by Yoann-Lossel Dark Souls Gwyndolin Sketch by RisingMonster Beyond the Chance for Apology by LadyEru Forgotten elven gods by Nimphradora DS3 Oceiros the Consumed King x Pontiff Sulyvahn by RisingMonster

Stay inspired!
~ Helevorn :blackrose:



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aka Rob N. Roveleh
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am mainly a writer - working on a novel called "Sons of Disobedience" and a series of short-stories taking place in 10th century Norway - but my gallery shows more of my dabbling in drawing. Outside dA, I am a teacher and a PhD candidate in Old English literature. Passionate about history and mythology, I spend my time delving into my make-believe world which I then draw and write about, for my and your dark delectation! ^^

My photography account:
Facebook art account:
Feel free to add me on Facebook as well:


Astral Energy
~ Astral Energy ~

Happy Birthday, :iconkainatarma: ! :hug: Sorry for being late, as usual, but I hope you had a fantastic day!

As a gift, this is her character Madyan Stärlhnbiehn, a spellcaster of noble origins who wields astral magic; although his powers are highly destructive, Madyan has a bright and bubbly personality. I totally enjoy his flamboyant sense of fashion and behaviour so I was eager to draw him :D

Media: coloured pencils and watercolours

I used paints for the first time in a couple of years - I thought the sky would look more magical than it would in pencils - and I think I'm going to use them again soon. I'm rusty, as you can see, but I may well find the joy of painting again xD

More of Madyan by his creator:
Stellar Spellcaster
Snow Fledgelings
The Flock



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KseniaSh Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
thanks for the fav!!! :D
HelevornArt Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pleasure! ^^
comatose-comet Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
thanks for the fave :rose:
HelevornArt Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pleasure!
DihyaJam96 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I was wondering if you wanted to make the task with me. Koe and Ynvgar could make experiments together :)
HelevornArt Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yess! I wrote just that as a comment on the OCT journal, ask you the same thing ^^
DihyaJam96 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh ok perfect! :D
InkPawStudio777 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, HelvornArt! ^^

Just a quick question: Would you consider your OC Yngvar a villain by chance??? OwO I haven't read your story, but he sounds interesting so far in all of your tasks he's been in. :D
HelevornArt Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for your interest and support!

It's a good question! It depends... In relationship to the main character (Aidan), he is certainly not a villain since they end up having a close (albeit a bit strange) friendship. But as far as his moral choices are concerned, he does sometimes act as a villain. But, on the whole, no, I don't think he can be considered a villain.
InkPawStudio777 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. ^w^

Ah, okay. I wasn't quite sure given what I'd seen in his tasks and his nature. Thanks for the explanation! :D
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