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A 100 day focus on your OC
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Catharsis :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 7 14
Yngvar: In Private by HelevornArt Yngvar: In Private :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 14 34 Bound by HelevornArt Bound :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 14 62 When Seraphin Fall by HelevornArt When Seraphin Fall :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 13 11 OCT: Zara's Wish by HelevornArt OCT: Zara's Wish :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 16 33 Sisters by HelevornArt Sisters :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 18 15
Outlaws. Part VII
     “Come back, damn you, you've been gone long enough!” Amza's voice broke off into the night, dissolving among the nigh naked branches of the beeches. The dark sky seemed to crack into a pool of light where the moon was hidden behind the clouds. No other sound came to his ears than the swishing darkened leaves beneath his boots that softly pelted the cold ground, and the subtle screech of the trees in the autumn air. “It's past midnight, Murgule, and it's cold... you must be cold in that thin shirt and without shoes...” the voice softened, now sounding more like a plea. “Come back, my child, I'm not mad at you... and...” it faltered. “It's... it's just that these things... you can't do something like that, boy...” it ceased with a sigh, as the man rubbed his moustache. The pathless ground was slithering with the shadows of branches cast by moonlight, but no movement betrayed another presence but Amza's. Still,
:iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 7 9
Hunting Unicorns by HelevornArt Hunting Unicorns :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 10 51 Yngvar: Under the Greek Sun by HelevornArt Yngvar: Under the Greek Sun :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 11 19 Yngvar: Wardrobe by HelevornArt Yngvar: Wardrobe :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 24 68 Set me on Fire by HelevornArt Set me on Fire :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 12 41 Yngvar: Profile by HelevornArt Yngvar: Profile :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 13 48 Guess Who: Yngvar Eindride (reveal) by HelevornArt Guess Who: Yngvar Eindride (reveal) :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 10 27 Narcisa by HelevornArt Narcisa :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 18 11
Outlaws. Part VI
     Narcisa had fallen asleep, curled in her blanket, and Amza had covered her bare feet with his lambskin coat. Now sleepy himself, he was leaning against the mossy tree trunk, while Murgu was crouching torpidly before him by the fire. The boyar spoke in low voice:
     “So tell me... why are you so eager to hang instead of doing something with your life? You love life, I can tell...”
     Murgu stared into the weakening flames:
     “You know how there's men who don't like to speak nor to say what they feel? You're right, I ain't like that; I like company, loud music, good cheer, I ain't afraid to speak my heart.” He bit his lip. “You know... before I took Narcisa with me, I was lonely. I felt so lonely that it hurt, like a wound in my chest. So lonely that I felt like screaming. And... sometimes I'd scream at the top of my lungs, shout at God, at someone... But nothing
:iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 6 20
Outlaws: Lonely by HelevornArt Outlaws: Lonely :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 14 26
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What would you prefer to know about Yngvar (for this OC-Training's task)? 

8 deviants said His secret habit (-> his kink, what gets him going in bed xD)
7 deviants said His sense of humour (-> or lack thereof, featuring Yngvar's notorious poker face)
4 deviants said His quirk (-> he hates being touched by people, because he hates people)
1 deviant said His adopted team role (-> leader)
No deviants said His favourite food and drink (-> Yngvar at a feast, seafood and wine)


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aka Rob N. Roveleh
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am mainly a writer - working on a novel called "Sons of Disobedience" and a series of short-stories taking place in 10th century Norway - but my gallery shows more of my dabbling in drawing. Outside dA, I am a teacher and a PhD candidate in Old English literature. Passionate about history and mythology, I spend my time delving into my make-believe world which I then draw and write about, for my and your dark delectation! ^^

My photography account:
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Tue Jan 30, 2018, 3:45 AM
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Hey, everyone!

Another round of :iconoc-training: is starting January 31st, and this time I've joined the admin team! :fingercrossed:

For those of you who don't know, it's a three month project (Jan 31st - May 4th) that gives you the possibility to develop your chosen original character, create artworks and share feedback with fellow artists during a series of tasks. Check out the agenda below:
OC-Training 8th round printable agenda by Akaszik

If you're watching me, you probably know that I've also taken part in the last 3 rounds of the training with Hakon, Rannveig and Aidan, an incentive for me to draw them, to think of and show different aspects of their personality, to develop their background and even to write short-stories with them in the process.
Hakon: Guess Who by HelevornArt Rannveig: Guess Who by HelevornArt Aidan: Sons of Disobedience by HelevornArt

This round I'm enrolling Yngvar, my character from my novel Sons of Disobedience. So, prepare to see a lot of this guy in the next 100 days (his personality, his past, his family, his relationship with the other characters in my novel's world)!
Yngvar by HelevornArt

Otherwise, I hope to involve myself more in the group and the training starting next week when I finish my first exam session in my PhD program (and then I'll just have work - and, well, life - to deal with ^^).

Stay inspired :blackrose:


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     As I was lying on my back in bed and Rannveig stood thus bent above me, her breast brushed against my lips and I reached to wrap my mouth against the roseate tip, to taste its sweetness in thirsty, enticing nostalgia, like a man lost in a desert remembering spring water. But she did not leave me long to indulge in tasting her; she gave a sprightly sigh of delight and bent her upper body lower above me, licking her smiling lips and pressing them against my chest, my stomach... I sensed them sliding towards my groin, until I felt her hair strewn about, sweeping my chest, and her breasts flicking against my thighs and her lips... ah, her lips... She gave another sensual laughter and did something that she had never done before: her lips parted and clasped around my erection. I gasped and twitched at the sensation, and looked in her eyes. But, before our eyes locked, her image began to fade into the darkness of awareness, of consciousness, and... it faded utterly as I woke up from the dream into reality. There was still a lump in my dry throat as I began to feel the rigid floor where I was sleeping.

     Ah, I thought as I ran my hand upon my humid forehead, ah, you succubus... torturing me in sleep, teasing me with shameless lips, knelt before me in a blasphemous confession to the most sinful of priests. Why, why won't you let me forget you, why won't you leave me be? Instead, you're leaving me drenched in sweat, still hard and aroused by your phantasm, an icon of vulgar pleasures.

     It was only then that I opened my eyes. And, in the darkness of the chamber – I startled - I noticed Lars leaning cross-legged against the crates, staring at me intently. Of course, my involuntary gesture was to hide the protrusion in my breeches from his prying eyes. I must have jerked in sleep, gasped. I felt flustered, flustered that he had seen me in that state, even more flustered when – as my awareness was returning – I remembered the grievances that Lars was struggling with, as if I felt ashamed to have rousing dreams of love while he was going through so difficult a time. Perhaps my ludicrous fretting had awakened him, or perhaps he could not sleep anyway and was kept up by his own dark thoughts. But, as I was trying to hide my body and regain my composure, I noticed something strange in his expression: there was no sign of disconcertment in his face, no attempt to look away or pretend he had not seen me, pretend that he did not understood what kind of a dream I had, what kind of a state in was still in.

     Instead, he sprang up from his contorted position and knelt beside me. I sat up and leaned against the crates, moving away from him, made uncomfortable by his closeness in such a moment when I was still under the impression of that vivid dream. But his lips seemed to form a subtle grimace, as if to whisper “hush”, and his hand reached for my chest. I stood still in confusion, but when his fingers glided down to the brim of my trousers, I instinctively grasped his wrist and pushed it away. But then I looked at him closely... a strange expression was glimmering in his eyes, a bruised longing – one that, it occurred to me, perhaps mirrored my own wistful lust evoked by the dream - an ache that could not be expressed in words. Did he need it? Did he need a closeness, both physical and emotional, in those moments of struggle, something to relieve him from his thoughts? This is what his eyes told me. And a part of me wanted – needed - to let him. Thus, my hand caught his and pushed it away, but he stood firm, refusing to retreat, so I did not stop it from touching me. It reached into my breeches and clasped around my erection. And his touch felt... unthinkably thrilling. I flinched at the unexpected sensation, but allowed myself to feel the strokes and the rhythmical motioning of his hand.

     But no, I could not look at him. So I closed my eyes. I did not want to see him though he was very close to me, his forehead nearly touching mine, his breath warming my cheek as he breathed faster and faster, perhaps touching himself as well. I turned my face away slightly, so as not to feel the tingle of his beard against my jaw, so as not to be reminded that I was doing something... against my very nature. But he was not looking at me either. Through parted eyelashes I saw that he had closed his eyes as well, undoubtedly dreaming his own fantasy. Perhaps he did not truly want
me either; he only wanted the closeness, the moment of pleasure and respite. So I shut my eyes again and let myself captured by the sensation. I panted, muffled, again and again, my breath quivering until – unconsciously, losing control - I gripped his shirt with my hand; I let out a loud gasp.

     We remained thus, in that strange embrace, for a couple of silent moments. My grasp loosened on his shirt. Our eyes met, shortly, when he moved away from me.

     I thought I was the one that should have felt ashamed for giving myself to such selfish lust, but, instead, it was his expression that seemed suddenly burdened once more, as if the moment of respite had abruptly ended. It... hurt me to see him so. And it seemed to me in that moment, that he knew me better than I knew him; a feeling that I rarely have. He knew what I felt and did not feel for him, and yet he had needed that moment despite knowing it would never happen again. His head drooped down, as if in dismay, and he rushed outside in front of the tent.

     I wanted to say something to him, I truly did, but I did not know what I could possibly tell him. After a long pause, I followed him outside. He was sitting on the grass, cross-legged like before, his harp in his hands, softly pinching the cords. He must have felt me coming, for he turned away, clearly wanting to avoid my presence. So I stepped inside and lay down on the floor, wrapping myself in the blanket. I could hear the hushed melody of the harp and, amid the mellow chimes of the cords, I thought I heard him sob.

~ Catharsis ~

Even though Aidan and Rannveig are now apart, she still appears in his dreams. His friend, Lars, is struggling with frustration and loss as events have also taken him away from his loved one. They are on a journey outside Norway, and the time they spend together consolidates their friendship even to the point that they find solace with one another in a rather unexpected way.
Abrupt though it may seem, here is my first erotic story! Can't vouch for how erotic it actually is, it's rather that I have many stories about sex, but none are as explicit as this one. I was talking about it with :iconcharcoalfeather: and decided to post it :D

:bulltetred: This is placed some 3 years after my novel "Sons of Disobedience" and it's an AU; Aidan is 21 and Lars is 25 (and has a longer beard).

:bulletyellow: Although it's an AU, but I kept everything faithful to the canon as far as the characters' personalities and interaction are concerned, and only the events are "altered" (Lars does have a certain affinity for Aidan, but he wouldn't normally manifest it - since he knows that Aidan wouldn't return it - and, besides, he wouldn't cheat on Helgi in this way). This scene exists in the sequel to my novel, but it develops differently from the moment when Lars sits next to Aidan.

:bulletorange: As open-minded as Aidan is for his time and place (because of his convictions and his experiences), he's still an ex-(Christian) priest in medieval times, so his perception might show it in one form or another.

:bulletgreen: I've long neglected characters like Lars and Helgi, and besides, I've rarely presented them separately. So this is also about that.

More about these characters:
Gebo. A Gift
       “Aidan?” came the voice of Helgi. “You may be busy, but... not for this.”
     Even without lifting his eyes from the thin sheet of calf skin half-written in fishbone-black ink, Aidan could still tell that the young man was smiling. Smirking, even. So he set the quill aside and turned towards the door: Helgi was sporting his most charming and mischievous grin, and someone was hiding behind him in shade.
     “There's someone we'd like you to meet,” he went on proudly, emphasizing the words in a peculiar way, as if he had had a few drinks before.
     Lars Brandsson stepped into the room with one hand occupied by a large bull horn from which he kept sipping, and with the other holding by the elbow a woman. She was young and wearing a simple dress of undyed wool with an apron above it, dirty at the hems from the mud outside, and with a loosely tied kerchief cove
Healing by HelevornArt The Bee-Keeper by HelevornArt  
Who might these characters be? :XD:
Lars and Aidan by HelevornArt
Or, in other words, I've decided to post an erotic story (the first erotic stuff that I'm sharing!) which has been lying around my computer for months. It's an AU scenario which I am rather fond of simply because it makes a LOT of sense, although it features two (apparently) very unlikely characters from my novel.

Does anyone else write silly stuff under a moment's impulse and then is like "well, that actually makes sense... Deep Thinking..." ?

What would you prefer to know about Yngvar (for this OC-Training's task)? 

8 deviants said His secret habit (-> his kink, what gets him going in bed xD)
7 deviants said His sense of humour (-> or lack thereof, featuring Yngvar's notorious poker face)
4 deviants said His quirk (-> he hates being touched by people, because he hates people)
1 deviant said His adopted team role (-> leader)
No deviants said His favourite food and drink (-> Yngvar at a feast, seafood and wine)



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DihyaJam96 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I was wondering if you wanted to make the task with me. Koe and Ynvgar could make experiments together :)
HelevornArt Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yess! I wrote just that as a comment on the OCT journal, ask you the same thing ^^
DihyaJam96 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh ok perfect! :D
InkPawStudio777 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, HelvornArt! ^^

Just a quick question: Would you consider your OC Yngvar a villain by chance??? OwO I haven't read your story, but he sounds interesting so far in all of your tasks he's been in. :D
HelevornArt Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for your interest and support!

It's a good question! It depends... In relationship to the main character (Aidan), he is certainly not a villain since they end up having a close (albeit a bit strange) friendship. But as far as his moral choices are concerned, he does sometimes act as a villain. But, on the whole, no, I don't think he can be considered a villain.
InkPawStudio777 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. ^w^

Ah, okay. I wasn't quite sure given what I'd seen in his tasks and his nature. Thanks for the explanation! :D
HelevornArt Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the question, it always feels good when someone has a curiosity about my characters :D
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Thank you so very much for faving and watching! :love:
HelevornArt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pleasure! ^^
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